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colorguard is life, until you dislocate your knee... twice... but then you learn marimba from your sis who's in Phantom Regiment... and then life becomes percussion
  • College be like


    Housing: $2,980
    Meal plan: $1,457
    Books: $1,429
    Enrollment: $983
    Air: $3,274
    Grass: $4,284
    Sidewalk: $5,284
    The sun: $3,381

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  • theballetblog:

    Konstantin Razumov, Russian  (1860—1939).

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  • diacrit:


    I almost forgot my briefcase!

    it contains important lab results

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  • buttlass:

    trust me i have 6 girlfriend

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  • elven-whisperer:

    Ferguson Police: He was trying to steal Candy from a store and was pushing and punching-

    Store: -Actually that didn’t happen.

    Ferguson Police: Well, he forced his way into a cop’s car, shoved the police man to grab and steal his gun to use on-

    Witnesses: - Actually he was standing several feet away from the police, before he was shot by the police man.

    Ferguson Police: Well he-

    Mr. Fizzles: image

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  • railroadsoftware:

    "hey bro why you got so many pens at your house?"
    “steal em from work”
    “why do you steal pens from your work”
    “fuckin hate capitalism bro”

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  • sushigoddess:

    tumblr gets a lot more fun when you stop taking your blog and notes and followers so seriously and you just do what you want and not care if people dont like it

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  • narcotic:

    i do not care about highschool or getting involved or making memories i want to pass my classes and get the fuck out

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  • vinebox:

    My typical school day

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